Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yeah yeah. A comment from kinkybluefairy (http://www.xanga.com/kinkybluefairy) made it clear that my blog has less and less to do with myself and my life than it does with football (which in fact says a lot about my life).

And so the World Cup has ended.

My life is going through another phase.

Maybe it's the getting older phase.

I certainly feel younger though.

So this is it. My blog ends here for a while. Occassionally I'll return to blogger to add entries that I wish not the world to see. So don't bother coming back unless you're a fan of my demented mind.

Check out my new home at http://kopilighter.multiply.com.

Got pretty pictures one.

Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Ebola

It's taken an extreme upswing. Instead of the usual 'fever' that most people would associate with such an event, the epidemic has spread far and wide across all genres and creed. Well who could blame them. It's been fan-freakin-tastic so far. The favourites are all in. With a surprise sprung by the African Samba Boys of Ghana. Goals galore throughout and an intense atmosphere that fortunately wasn't marred by overtly vicious tackles or dirty diving. Admittedly some games were a tad disappointing but the contrast to that with other awe-inspiring matches only made it sweeter in comparison.

Even the official song was just perfect. "To win again" or something - which had James and I jumping up and down the lane from the mamak in mad-styled air-football juggling. Oh eh oooh eh oh eh ooooh eh. A backflip, a backheel, a sidestep, a nutmeg, 1-2 crisp passing - it was all I could think of while playing futsal last night.

So is it any wonder then that work sucks so much now? I'm not even motivated to try, muthafucka. But scamps are pouring in hard and easy. I have loads of ideas - but I'm not sure if this is place I'd wanna see it come alive at the moment. I have plans. Let's hope they pull through.

Oh about the bloody Manchester photo blog - I'd suggest going into www.ringo.com. Then look up 'kopilighter' for pics. Maybe it won't be there yet because my malaise has only hit phase 2.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wow Cup 06 (Group Stages)

The title of this post is dedicated to an ingenius heist of the World Cup title from LG without having to pay the ransom for being associated with this global event. Of course they even had a bloody Jules Rimet trophy redesigned to make it all legal too. Bloody thieves!

Well not that the campaigns I've worked on were any less deviant in hijacking the World Cup brand but hey, can you get any obvious.

So it's been a whole week since Germany kicked off against Costa Rica and the world is still holding its breath in anticipation.

Yours truly was also caught up in the fever of it all as I wished everyone a very 'Happy World Cup Day' before rushing off to join me mates in Plaza Damas, Hartamas for the kick off. Then halfway through, a certain someone called up asking if I was heading down to loft. C'mon. It's the World Cup. But I was obliged to go and was pleasantly surprised to meet up with her at my 2nd home. For a good 1 hour and a half we (Edwin, Rachel and I) had a couple of drinks and rushed back to Plaza Damas to catch the next game.

Germany won 4-2 and it was surprising that Costa Rica could hit back 2 goals. I won money. Unfortunately lost it again when Poland was beaten by Ecuador.

The next day, we were at One U to watch England beat Paraguay by a tiny margin. 1-0. With a fluke own goal too. Now I'm an England fan but after that performance I'm not sure if I want to wear the badge out loud. Anyway I put on my officially signed Gerrard jersey (in away red) and had to take it off for the next game. A boring draw between Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden. Thankfully the Argentines provided enough entertainment with Ivory Coast to make up for a disappointing night.

Sunday came. WC fever subsided a little with a break for a French movie. The movie sucked. The company I had however made up for every agonising minute in front of this B-grade worst ever French flick called the Great Challenge. Good potential. Bad directing, horrible choreography and bland acting. Awk-ward stuff really.

I missed the match between Netherlands and Serbia & Montenegro due to dinner but again, the company made up for it. The Dutch won by a single Arjen Robben goal. Then I caught Mexico beating the crap out of Iran 3-1 and Portugal in a frustrating match. I had every reason to beat the crap out of the screen in the mamak but refrained from doing so.

Italy looked the most convincing in all the matches I've seen to progress - with a 2-0 win over Ghana. The US deservedly lost to Czech Republic. Fuck the power nation. Who's your daddy now, whipping boys? Brazil vs Croatia - what a joke. I won money though but the Brazillians couldn't be arsed to try harder and win by a bigger margin. Looks bought.

South Korea won 2-1 against Togo. Nuff said. The French. Bwahahahaha dumb golden oldies drew against the Swiss. I made more money. Then came Spain. They snuffed the Ukrainians with 3 well struck goals - all of them looking like they were playing the Samba style more than the percussion boys of South America. Tunisia and Saudi drew 2-2 in a hard match and that concluded the 1st round of group stages. I made quite a bit so far but I'm worried that the 2nd round will prove to be more of a sucker punch.

I was right. The Germans nearly lost to Poland but concluded the match with the only goal against Polska. Ecuador deservedly won 3-0 against Costa Rica. I had bet on England to draw but they won 2-0 against the weakened Trinidad & Tobago which looked convincing for 89 minutes.

And what a show from the Argentines. Messi, Teves and Riquelme orchestrated a 6-0 finish. Fantastic! The Dutch somehow won 2-1 because I was nearly drunk @ loft then. Funnily enough Mexico drew against Angola 0-0. A joke indeed but then again I was making a few of my own in my drunken state. It was a rough week of work and disappointments @ work but thankfully Football kept me sane for the weekend.

I love you football.
So much that I've neglected to finish my Manchester album entry.
Maybe later.
Football's still here.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

More of manchester

Bloody hell. How does this damned thing work? Yeah this is me and the clients after our first night out at d chophouse and some drunk kid tried to work my cam and came out blurred. This was taken on timed exposure. And of course that young kid changed my perception about apartheid and white supremacy racist shit...for a while la.

This is me and my favourite companion in any big city tour - the thrash can. You can tell quite a bit about the city by the thrash can (not what's inside but the way it represents the city). KL is like ashy, polluted and pretentious. Manchester is just plain arrogant, traditional and well, pretentious too.

In d service apartment where we stayed. It didn't come with a lobby. Just a dinghy staircase and a single elevator to serve all 4 floors. But the inside was gorgeous. It's furnished well and I wouldn't mind getting a place like this in KL. Sigh.

Brainstorming in the room too. Damnit. Work. When we could be drinking. Well we did that too. Heh.

This bloke is Dan. The brilliant guy who worked the magic on our POWER Brand TVC - awesome flame artist.

The streets of Manchester. What a gloomy git.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Manchester-in-an-Album (just like in-a-can only heavier)

Actually I'm just too lazy to write so here's a pictorial of what went on...

So near yet so far.

Can't wait to get off this damned plane after 13 hours of dry, cold, smellyness.


Yup. It's a weeeeetttt place to be. So gloomy too.

Quaint hotel called the Radisson. The client stayed here. Posh!

Whozat good looking bloke in Manchestah?!

Fuck da pohleese, coppah! Well actually no. They're quite big there.

At the flying pig chophouse. Or something to that effect. Kewlness.

More of da hovering hog chophouse. Or something to that effect. Kewlness.
And right about this point in my blog entry, I decide that something's wrong with the picture publishing shite and I'll just end it here. I'll write some more - but no more pics. This has delayed my blog entries long enuff. BLOGGING SUCKS!

Friday, March 31, 2006

What's this feeling?

No it's not love in case you're wondering. I'm not in love with anyone. Nor anything. Nor especially more than anyone or anything before. This feeling is different. I cannot put a finger to it. It's funny yet solemn. It feels familiar yet weird because I can't tell if it's making me happy or sad. Just different.

It's a feeling of youth. Of days long gone when I was but a kid, staying late after school. Like some sort of fleeting crush and I'm unsure of who. Maybe I've been touched by God. Or the Holy Spirit. Or am I tainted by the devil's forlorn will to corrupt and confuse? Do I feel suicidal? No. I've checked. I'm still mad about life.

It's a feeling of change. Something's about to change that much I'm sure. Something big in my life. Maybe I'm going to move to Bangkok? Or am I going to just change jobs? Fall in love? With a television set? A song? A movie? A play? A car? A game?

These questions are puzzling me but they are not pressing me to find an answer. The lingering effect is soothing, somewhat. Like a buzz after you've just arrived at your hotel on a long awaited holiday. Something mysterious. Maybe you'd unpack. And take a shower. Or just wait and sit still for a while, taking in the scenery from your 3rd floor balcony facing the ocean and the pool and the bikinis and the running children and the bonfire about to be started by a bunch of drunk crazy college kids.

If this feeling was a place, yes, I suppose it would be Hawaii or somewhere I would love to be. Some beach. Only at twilight hour. Magic hour. Beautiful. The music hums in the distance. The buffet served up in time waiting for couples. Old ones. Young ones. Really old ones.

And if this feeling is a person - it would be someone I've lost touch with for a long time. Like innocence. And it returns with white wings to bear me away from the chaos of work, life, complications, traffic, conflict, boredom.

Am I about to die? Am I about to meet my maker? Or sleep eternal? I am unsure. I know I am alive - a little bit more than I've ever been for a long time. Or maybe something within me has died. It's an oxymoron in itself.

Maybe that's what it is. I need oxy because I'm a moron?

No no it can't be right.

You see, even music is stirring something within me. At this moment, my colleague is playing tunes from her PC. Tunes from my college days. Such memories. I can almost taste it. Or am I too numb? Maybe I'm being overly sensitive.

Someone throw me a punch. Knock me out. I want to keep on dreaming like this.
It's almost surreal.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Manchester Manchester Manchester

10 Reasons Why I Love Manchester, UK

1. I am going there.
2. I am going there to shoot a commercial.
3. I am going there to shoot a commercial about football.
4. I am going there to shoot a commercial about mega football stars.
5. I am going there to shoot a commercial about mega football stars doing mega football stunts.
6. I am going there to shoot a commercial that I wrote (and my partner painfully took great pains to bring to life).
7. I am going to work with a foreign film director and learn the styles of the UK.
8. I am going to drink lager with the mates in a pub while watching other league games on telly.
9. I am most probably going to watch the Man Utd vs Arsenal game when I'm there - or at least be in the vicinity when we kick their asses.
10. I am going there.

Right now, I can't say too much. But I'm sure there will be loads to talk about when I get back.

Bangkok Pataya Bouyah

I have nothing much to say in this post. Sick for the first 2 days. Raining most of the time. Not much to shop. But something about Krung Thep has made me want to look for a job there again. It's time to just up and go, I suppose.

Tiesto Mmch Mmch Mcch

The build up to this event was enormous. Well for my group that is. I booked a room in Concorde Inn. Cost a bloody RM400 a night! Bloody opportunists but hey who can blame ‘em. We had to have bloody McDonald’s for dinner. Drive out on a bloody alcohol starved gut when I barely had enough and make it just in time to hear Francis Cobb finish his session from the outside. Bloody friends had to be bloody late. The bloody place is getting too bloody crowded. I got a bloody Zippo that didn’t work the first time. And when I exchanged it with the bloody hot girl manning the booth, she was too bloody busy by then to flash me another bloody smile. Bloody warm.

Then we bloody made our bloody way into the heart of the dance floor with the bloody lights coming on slowly, surreally and bloody Lion Dance as an opening act with bloody kompang to follow. We were sweating, screaming and bloody drenched in anticipation.

Then. Bloody Hell.

Fireworks. Light show. Video.


The beat was pounding. The crowd was jumping. The mood ecstatic.

We partied on till it ended. Moving from one spot to another and back again, trying to find every bloody body. A million SMSes came through. A million sent out. It was mmch mmch mmch all night through. And we retreated to our humble hotel retreat for more to drink. Mmph! Tiesto rocks.

Chicks on Speed

First off, as usual I've been putting this off for way too long. Longer than I need to and now I have loads to unravel from my already cluttered mind and emotions. Spare me the rolling of the eyes should I miss a word here or there, or worse yet - miss out key details.

Right. Chicks on Speed by Heineken. 3 piece girl band in a weird ensemble-type of garage electro rock scheme. Dressed in gaudy cloth draped all over, make-up that resembles war paint and instruments made from burger spatulas. They scream, holler and jiggle jump in joy than dance. To be honest, they look like a bunch of overgrown geeks whom pen pushers won’t even touch with a 10-foot pencil.
But I dig ‘em. Absolutely. Some of their tunes sounded familiar. Euro Trash Girl, 99 cents…good shit. I wish I had the time to get some of their tunes on mp3.
Then of course I got a little memento from the event. An aluminium Heineken bottle – only at RM15 a pop. The fleecing buggers. There’s so little beer in it. But the bottle looks awesome. Right now it’s sitting in my office serving the rest of its miserable little green life as my drinking Tupperware, only it’s aluminium, and it’s for beer, and…

Well. Due to lack of beer, all of us then adjourned to Loft @ Zouk. Eclectic Funk beats by DJ Blink. Good stuff. Ugly fat tranny with an overexposed thong. Had some, not enough so we headed off to Viv’s place to get some beers, wake up her neighbours, irritate the shit out of her sister and lose helluva lot of sleep. Good plan. So we did. And I went home tired as shite.